The retention phase of treatment is vital as the retainers hold the teeth in their corrected positions while the tissues adjust to changes.

Failure to wear retainers as instructed can result in the teeth returning to their original position.

Retention refers to the wearing of any appliance that holds the teeth in their new positions and therefore, follows on from active treatment. We generally use removable retainers or plates, and bonded retainers or bonded wires. 

Retention is the final stage of orthodontic treatment and in most cases we advise long-term.

Please let us know if you lose your retainer or your bonded retainer becomes unstuck.  We will need to arrange an appointment to replace this.

Successful retention is dependent on the cooperation of the patient.

The completion of orthodontic treatment does not ensure a lifetime of perfectly straight teeth.  After a period of retention the teeth are as stable as can be expected. Any change after that time is due to natural causes and slight irregularity is almost to be expected later in life.

If you completed treatment some time ago and for some reason new retainers are necessary, please contact the clinic.  A fee will be incurred for replacement retainers.